Heart Healthy Eating Principles Webinar

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This style of eating is naturally low in saturated and trans fats,salt and added sugar and is rich in wholegrains,纤维,抗氧化剂和不饱和脂肪(ω-3和ω-6)。以这种方式进食可以减少心血管疾病(CVD)的危险因素,如高血压和血脂,从而改善所有澳大利亚人的心脏健康。降低CVD事件和死亡率的风险。

In addition to the quality of foods consumed,their quantity is also an important determinant of a heart healthy eating pattern,as it can lead to weight gain and in turn,heart disease.


研究表明,较高的蔬菜和水果摄入量与较低的心脏病风险有关。全麦纤维含量高的饮食模式与降低低密度脂蛋白胆固醇水平有关。降低心脏病风险。Current eating patterns tend to be low in vegetables,水果和全谷物。Increasing intake of vegetables and fruits,along with increasing intake of wholegrains,同时减少精制碳水化合物,will help to shift current eating patterns towards healthier eating patterns.

2.各种健康的蛋白质来源,包括鱼类和海鲜,lean meat and poultry,豆类,坚果和种子。

Healthy eating patterns include a variety of protein sources.这些食物是大量和微量营养素的好来源,如蛋白质,iron,zinc and vitamins,尤其是维生素B组。Research suggests that including plant-based proteins in your daily eating plan is linked to healthier hearts.

肉类和家禽等动物蛋白与心脏病风险无关,and in fact,经常吃鱼能促进心脏健康。豆类,nuts and seeds are good sources of plant proteins,纤维,健康的脂肪和微量营养素。他们的正常消费与健康的心脏有关。

三。低脂乳制品,如不加香料的牛奶和酸奶,and cheese

Within a healthy eating pattern;milk,yoghurt and cheese will be important sources of calcium,protein and other vitamins and minerals.不加糖的低脂乳制品是蛋白质和钙的好来源。and as part of healthy eating patterns,他们的消费与降低患高血压和心脏病的风险有关。

类似于其他饱和脂肪,dairy saturated fat appears neither protective nor harmful when compared with total carbohydrate on heart disease risk.While saturated fat,compared to unsaturated fat,increases heart disease risk.Reduced fat,no-added sugar dairy,is preferred to assist with healthy weight,healthy blood pressure and cholesterol,心脏病的所有关键危险因素。

4. Healthy fat choices with nuts,种子,鳄梨,橄榄及其烹调用油

Unsalted nuts,seeds such as linseed,嘉莉或泰姬陵,鳄梨,and cooking oils made from plants or seeds like olive,油菜,peanut,向日葵,soybean,米糠,sesame and safflower will contribute unsaturated fats (omega-3 [ALA] and omega-6).These types of fats have been associated with reductions in LDL cholesterol and increases in HDL cholesterol,reducing the risk of heart disease.

5.Herbs and spices to flavour foods,instead of adding salt

高盐饮食会增加患高血压和心脏病的风险。A healthy eating pattern,based on the previous 4 principles,will be naturally lower in sodium,and will help to lower population salt intakes.

* Water is the preferred beverage of choice