Ways to cut down on salt

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Train your tastebuds

When you regularly eat salty foods,你可以培养自己的品味。This is especially important for children,他们的品味正在接受终身训练。

The good 金莎真人平台首页news is you don't have to cut out salt all at once.如果你逐渐减少,your tastebuds will adjust in only a few weeks.

你会惊讶地发现,你很快就习惯了这种味道,并注意到了盐隐藏的所有其他味道。You'll find you don't enjoy salty foods like you used to,and it's a great chance to experiment with different flavours.



检查食品标签上的盐含量。使用包装背面的营养面板来了解食品中有多少盐。盐被列为“钠”。Use the ‘per 100 g' column on the nutrition information panel to compare sodium of different brands of products.

  • 钠含量低于每100克120毫克的食物被认为是低盐食物。
  • 针对每100克产品中低于400毫克的食品。

减少盐的摄入和更换品牌一样容易。Look for foods labelled 'no added salt' or 'salt reduced'. Use the ‘per 100g' column of the nutrition information panel to choose lower sodium products.

Read more 金沙真人网站导航about using food labels.

Switch brands


Stick to fresh foods where possible

Include a wide variety of fruit and vegetables,plain meat,poultry and fish,在你的饮食中加入普通的不加盐的坚果、豆类和扁豆。Try adding healthier options to your lunch box such as boiled eggs and salad,raw vegetable sticks with a reduced salt dip and fresh fruit pieces.

Salty foods

High levels of salt are often added to foods such as packet soups and sauces,pies,sausage rolls,sausages,processed meat,pizzas and frozen meals. So reduce the amount of these foods you eat.Try to limit takeaway and fast foods such as burgers,炸鸡和比萨饼。

Limiting salty snacks like chips,椒盐脆饼,crackers and dips,will also help cut down salt.通过预先切碎的新鲜水果使健康小吃变得方便,把低脂酸奶放在冰箱里,and unsalted nuts in the pantry.

Also keep in mind that if you eat a few salty foods over your day,it's easy to find yourself over the recommended intake.For example,salt is found in bread,cheese and processed meats,这意味着一个普通的火腿奶酪三明治可以装一个钠冲剂。

股票立方体,soy sauce,亚洲风格的酱汁和诸如番茄酱和蛋黄酱之类的调味品都能促进一天中盐的摄入。Choosing fresh foods,and lower salt versions of your favourite products all helps to lower the amount of salt you're eating.

Common questions about salt.

You can easily get your daily requirements from the natural salts found in fresh foods.There is no need to add salt when cooking at home or at the dinner table.Rather than adding salt when you cook,用柠檬汁,大蒜,醋,或香草和香料.Marinate fish and meat before cooking to give it more flavour.

Using these simple stepsyou can also naturally eat less salt,sugar and bad fats.